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  • Welcome to Changzhou Major Medical Products Co.,Ltd. official website!

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    Add:Beiyang Hexi, Zouqu Town, Changzhou City Jiangsu Province, China

    Company News

    [ 27/11/2018 ]Successful Conclusion of 2018 MEDICA
    Dusseldorf, Germany "Dusseldorf international medical instrumentequipment exhibition" is world famous comprehensive medical exhibition

    Industry News

    [ 11/10/2014 ]Medical device industry enticing
    In recent years, due to marketsupport the development of policy, the concept of medical devicesthe secondary market to benefitthe high degree of prosperity of the industry, the strong trend to accelerate the rise, experts predict: the next few years, Chin
    [ 11/10/2014 ]Analysis of the three dimensions of the development of medical devices
    Aging, health insurance coveragereimbursement upgrade brings greater demand for medical supplies procurementhome medical equipment industry Yixie how to deal with high market demand, how to winthe fierce competitionthe industry has become a common concern
    [ 11/10/2014 ]Medical Devices usher expansion opportunities
    State FoodDrug Administration recently issued 104 medical device industry standards (including mandatory standards 31, recommended standard 73)the "silicone rubber surgical implants General requirements"two medical device industry standard amend
    [ 11/10/2014 ]Fooddrug regulatory reform completed during the year
    Earlier this year, the Central Committee of the fooddrug regulatory system reformimprove the decision to deploy. At present, China is facing what the food security situation, how to reform progress, how to improve our food safety issues? Reporters intervi
    [ 11/10/2014 ]Major medical awarded the title of high-tech enterprises
    Changzhou Hi-tech enterprise certification focusesmining innovation ability, with independent intellectual property rightscore technologies, to represent the level of technological developmentChangzhou, can promote the development of pillar industries, ou
    [ 11/10/2014 ]Major medical companies awarded demonstration
    Major is specializedproducing medical supplies a Zhongyinghezi enterprise, foundedJune 2005 with a registered capital of 500,000 dollars, covers an area of 20,000 square meters, professionally trained staff of 150. Companies adhering to the concept of qua

    Major mainly produced band-aid, dressing paste, medical tape, first aid bags and other five series.

    TEL:0086-051983831789    FAX:0086-051968020208
    Add: Beiyang Hexi, Zouqu Town, Changzhou City Jiangsu Province, CHINA